Nag Panchami 2022: Date, historical past, significance and celebration in India

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Worshipping forces of nature has been part of Hinduism from historic instances and Nag Panchami isn’t any totally different as on this Hindu pageant, snakes are worshipped. Celebrated throughout India on the fifth day of the moonlit fortnight of the month of Sravana, Nag Panchami falls within the month of July or August.


This 12 months, Nag Panchami might be celebrated by the Hindu group on August 2, 2022.

Historical past and significance:

As per a Hindu mythology, Hindu deity Krishna was taking part in by the facet of river Yamuna as soon as when he was nonetheless fairly younger and his ball received caught within the branches of a tree by the riverside. In his try to retrieve the ball, Krishna fell into the river and was attacked by Kaliya, the snake.

He fought arduous and the snake realised that Krishna was no an abnormal youngster therefore, pleaded him to not kill it. Krishna spared the snake by taking a promise that it’s going to not harass the individuals anymore therefore, Nag Panchmi is well known to mark the victory of Krishna who saved the lives of individuals from the harassment of Kaliya, essentially the most harmful snake.


In Maharashtra, the pageant is well known by taking a dormant cobra in a plate and visiting door-to-door to ask alms and clothes whereas in Kerala, the devotees go to snake temples and worship a stone or steel icon of snake, praying that they and their households are saved from any snakebite all year long. Snake idols of mud and sand are made and worshiped whereas cow’s milk, fried paddy, rice’s breed and durva (tip of a particular grass) is obtainable earlier than the photographs of Nag.

It’s believed that Shiva, one other Hindu deity, loves and blesses snakes therefore, the devotees worship the snakes in an try to please him. Believed to be some of the short-tempered Gods, Shiva is taken into account to destroy one’s life if he will get offended therefore, some individuals even worship stay cobras on the day of Nag Panchami day and supply it milk and feed it different meals as effectively.

Some imagine that snakes bear in mind the faces of whoever harms them after which avenge it by harming the entire household therefore, devotees don’t dig the Earth on today. Younger ladies pray and supply milk to cobras and pray to get married to a superb individual whereas married girls pray to save lots of their households from any hurt brought on by snakes.

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