Is ghee for everybody? Ayurveda knowledgeable on who ought to keep away from it | Well being

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Ghee is gaining reputation as a desi superfood everybody should embody of their each day eating regimen as it is a good supply of wholesome fat and works wonders in your coronary heart well being. Consuming ghee on empty abdomen is claimed to be much more helpful as it may cleanse your digestive system and assist with constipation. Ghee has many fantastic advantages. It has anti-ageing and heart-healthy properties, it’s good for eye well being, it improves mind and reminiscence, boosts digestion, improves vitality, and good for pores and skin well being. Nonetheless, an Ayurveda knowledgeable says ghee isn’t for everybody and it has its personal set of contraindications. (Additionally learn: Ayurveda suggestions: A teaspoon of ghee on empty abdomen affords many well being advantages)

Ayurveda physician Dr Rekha Radhamony says whereas ghee is without doubt one of the healthiest meals as per Ayurveda, not all folks ought to have it.

“Each meals that you simply eat must be in tune together with your physique structure and imbalances. At all times keep in mind simply because one thing is ‘wholesome’, does not imply it’s suited to you. It’s excessive time we cease going to grocery shops and shopping for every part we’ve seen or heard of as “wholesome”. One has to grasp what’s appropriate for his personal physique structure and imbalances and select meals accordingly. That is the place Ayurveda involves the rescue. One man’s drugs may very well be one other man’s poison,” she writes in her latest Instagram submit.

Based on Dr Radhamony, ghee needs to be averted by the next:

– Ghee is guru (heavy to digest). If you’re somebody with persistent indigestion and abdomen points like IBS-D and so forth do not need ghee.

– Ghee is kapha growing: Keep away from ghee throughout fevers, particularly the seasonal ones.

– Pregnant ladies ought to take double the care when having ghee. If you’re chubby/overweight throughout being pregnant, cut back consumption of ghee.

– Ghee needs to be averted in ailments of the liver and spleen like liver cirrhosis, splenomegaly, hepatomegaly, hepatitis and so forth.

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