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Do you will have acrylic paints that you just’d like to make use of in silk screening? You can also make them appropriate to be used in your silk-screening course of by mixing them with an acceptable silk-screen medium. These formulations are supposed to each enhance drying time, to make the paint extra simply workable with out drying, and to elongate the lifetime of your screens by making the paint extra simply washed out when your printing session is completed. Earlier than you spend money on a medium, take a look at our 5 favorites, beneath.

1. Liquitex Skilled Gel Medium

Acrylic-paint stalwart Liquitex launched their silk-screen medium in Might 2021, and it’s a wonderful addition to the area of interest discipline. It lowers the viscosity of paint so it could fill each element in your design with precision. Apply it to cloth or paper; with all the colours of your acrylic paints accessible to you, your choices for artistic use of shade are just about limitless.

Liquitex Skilled Gel Medium


2. Golden Acrylic Silkscreen Medium

Golden is a revered model on the subject of paint and paint media. When combined with acrylics in a 1:1 ratio, this medium yields a silkscreen paint that’s simply as saturated, daring, and vibrant because the paint straight out of the tube. Used with both heavy-body matte acrylics or fluid acrylic paint, it imparts a delayed drying time for higher ease of use when printing. This medium, offered in a 16-ounce container, is just not supposed for printing on cloth.

Golden Acrylic Silkscreen Medium


3. Speedball Material/Acrylic Clear Base

Not solely does this medium lengthen the drying time of acrylic paint, making it superb for display printing, however it additionally thins the pigment, which is to be famous when on the lookout for an exceptionally vibrant tone. The thinning course of creates a really perfect consistency for silk screening and makes your remaining design much less stiff when transferred, which is especially helpful when working with comparatively skinny materials like spandex and a few polyester blends.

Speedball Material/Acrylic Clear Base


4. Jacquard Display screen Printing Puff Additive

If you wish to add some dimension to your display prints, this medium is for you. The aptly named Puff Additive, when combined with acrylic paint and transferred by way of silk display, will trigger your design to swell barely in reduction, making a plumped-up look. Microspheres within the additive develop with warmth, which you will need to apply after switch to attain the ultimate look. After the design has overrated, it’s each wash-fast in addition to dry washable. This additive can be utilized with paint on a variety of supplies, from pure and artificial materials to vinyl, steel, and even leather-based.

Jacquard Display screen Printing Puff Additive


5. Daler-Rowney System 3 Display screen Printing Set

To leap-start your screen-printing pastime, Daler-Rowney makes this all-inclusive novices’ set together with every part from the body, display, and squeegee to the acrylics and mediums. You can see their dependable screen-printing medium, which is a bit thick in comparison with its friends however efficiently slows drying time, on this equipment. Additionally included is their specialised textile-printing medium, which is formulated to raised adhere to cloth. The 5 primary colours of paint right here will be simply expanded with your personal acrylic paints.

Daler-Rowney System 3 Display screen Printing Set


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