Elden Ring: The place To Get The Visage Defend

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Should you’re on the lookout for some really distinctive and intriguing protect choices in Elden Ring, look no additional than the Visage Defend. Whereas its extraordinarily excessive equip charge makes it finest for builds with very excessive Endurance, it is value each level. This is the place you’ll be able to spherical it as much as check out for your self.

The Visage Defend defined

The Visage Defend is a greatshield that requires 44 Power to wield. It blocks 100% of bodily injury and has unusually excessive resistances to most types of magic, too, making it an unbelievable choice–provided you’ll be able to address its large equip weight. You may also maintain down its talent Tongues of Hearth, which sprays hearth jets in entrance of you whilst you stroll ahead which will deter enemies from pushing in on you.

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The Visage Defend’s merchandise description reads:

Tricksome bronze protect depicting the face of a Hearth Big. A number of tongues leap from its open mouth. The dreadful visage and burning flames are designed to remind one of many horror of going through a Hearth Big. In different phrases, this protect has an educational operate.

The place to search out the Visage Defend

The Visage Defend will be discovered throughout the Caelem Ruins in Caelid. On the japanese aspect of the ruins is a set of stairs main all the way down to the cellar, however getting the protect will not be as straightforward as opening a chest. As a substitute, you will should face off in opposition to a duo of Mad Pumpkin Head bosses in a really small and enclosed area.

Caelem Ruins

Once you encounter these two hulking bosses, convey a sturdy Spirit Summon with you for distraction, then focus your assaults on the hammer-wielding foe as a consequence of his slower assaults. He’ll go down quickly–provided you keep in mind to not assault his invulnerable head–and you’ll be able to flip your assaults to the opposite boss. After they’re useless, open the close by door and verify the chest inside for the Visage Defend.

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