DNF Duel Guard Cancel Defined

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Characters in DNF Duel have very excessive energy in comparison with most different combating video games, and plenty of are capable of bypass impartial with their long-range strikes, advancing particular strikes, and extra, enabling them to rapidly create powerfully oppressive situations. As soon as you might be blocking, your defensive choices are restricted, they usually can differ relying on which character you play. Ghost Blade might have an invincible teleport transfer he can use to flee predictable strings, however he doesn’t have an invincible reversal like Berserker (and most different characters), and even then, you might want to search for gaps in your opponent’s strain to have the ability to use it. Fortunately, there’s a defensive mechanic that each character can use whereas blocking: Guard Cancel.

What Is Guard Cancel?

Guard Cancel is a particular transfer that may solely be used when you are blocking. After you start blocking a string of assaults out of your opponent, press Ahead + Y + B (Ahead + Triangle + Circle on PlayStation). This method can solely be used when you are in blockstun, and it’ll provoke an invincible counter-attack, blasting your opponent away from you, resetting the state of affairs to ‘impartial’ and providing you with some respiratory room.

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To make use of this method, you’ll want 100 Mana, which is the quantity each character begins a spherical with. Not like different particular strikes, you will need to have your complete 100 Mana to make use of it. Different particular strikes can be utilized with lower than their required quantity at the price of an extended Mana recharge time.

This implies in the event you go wild together with your different particular strikes and then you definately start blocking, you could not have sufficient Mana for a Guard Cancel. Maintain this in thoughts when you are planning your offense. It must also be famous that, whereas in sure circumstances Guard Cancel is just like an invincible reversal, Guard Cancel can’t kill your opponent.

In case your character additionally has an invincible reversal, be sure you incorporate that and Guard Cancels usually to maintain your opponent guessing. Keep in mind, the much less predictable your protection is, the much less your opponent will have the ability to exploit it.

The place to seek out the Guard Cancel tutorial

There are many tutorials in DNF Duel. The Guard Cancel one is hidden inside the ‘Defensive Methods’ module.

You may apply Guard Cancel within the Tutorial by choosing Follow Mode -> Tutorial -> choose your character, then choosing Defensive Methods. It’s the third part of that Tutorial, so proceed by the Block and Guard Break sections to succeed in it.

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